Applegate PRO, a free-to-use eProcurement system

Applegate PRO enabling buyers and suppliers to connect

As a free-to-use eProcurement system, Applegate PRO enables buyers across the supply chain to find suppliers and multi-source the products and services they require quickly and efficiently.

By streamlining the request for quotation (RFQ) function, providing up to ten quotes in a matter of hours, Applegate PRO adheres to the best practices in procurement. This ensures the best value for each business transaction, therefore helping to manage a business’s outgoings and extending its supply chain.

Control your business’s spend today with the new free online buying tool, Applegate PRO.

For buyers

  • Save time whilst still obtaining the best value.
  • Increase traceability and accountability for all transactions.
  • Implement a simple-to-use system to control spend.
  • Create a database of preferred suppliers.

For suppliers

  • Receive purchase orders from professional buyers and procurement professionals.
  • Become an accredited supplier on the Applegate Supplier Network.
  • Be considered for tendering processes relevant to your business.
  • Establish relationships with buyers across the world in your industry.