About Applegate PRO

Applegate Marketplace’s eProcurement system, named Applegate PRO, streamlines the request for quotation processes that can take businesses hours or even days, into a quick and easy function that takes minutes.

In just 48 hours, the Applegate Sourcing Team can find up to ten suppliers for a business buyer, helping them to obtain the best value for each transaction.

Free-to-use eProcurement tool

Since its creation in the 1980s, eProcurement has predominantly been utilised by larger organisations with procurement professionals. To gain the benefit of a professional buying tool, users historically have faced large costs for training and implementation – ring-fencing the service to larger businesses and corporations.

As a free-to-use eProcurement system, Applegate PRO provides users with access to an online buying tool that enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from professional buying without the need for specialist training.

In 2015, Applegate research found that a total of 63% of businesses sourced suppliers online, yet only 30% completed purchases. Applegate PRO provides buyers with the capability to raise a purchase order from the quotation received from a featured supplier, either within its system or externally through the suppliers’ purchase order process.

Maverick Spend

E-procurement has had an increasingly important role in business to business (B2B) commerce. With over 398,000 procurement professionals in the UK, more are looking for ways to control an organisations spend, rolling out a simple to use eProcurement system to all non-procurement professionals to avoid maverick spend.

Maverick spend is classified as any purchase made outside the remit of the procurement function. By implementing a system of this nature, the basic framework to avoid maverick spend can be achieved.

For Buyers

Sourcing multiple quotes for products and services is a prerequisite for any professional buyer or procurement professional. Applegate PRO ensures the best value from suppliers is retrieved while helping to extend a business’ supply chain. It will enable incidental buyers to reap the benefits of an eProcurement system without requiring costly specialist training.

For many smaller companies, especially start-ups, every penny spent can be significant to the bottom line. Money and often, more importantly, time, can be saved whether they are buying a niche, specialist item, or simply buying office supplies like printer cartridges, paper or tea and coffee.

For Suppliers

The Applegate Supplier Network comprises hundreds of thousands of companies from across the supply chain featured on Applegate Marketplace. Relevant suppliers form part of the tendering process for each request for quotation received via Applegate PRO.

Online marketplace in conjunction with an eProcurement system

By linking together, the benefits of an online marketplace and eProcurement system, Applegate has created a unique online buying tool for businesses of all sizes to source suppliers.

Stuart Brocklehurst, Chief Executive Officer of Applegate Marketplace
Stuart Brocklehurst commented: “For the past 20 years Applegate has been helping buyers find the products and suppliers they need. In the past year, we have formed partnerships with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, the body of professional buyers, and also with Wer Liefert Was, the leading business platform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now, with the launch of Applegate PRO, we are transforming the way businesses buy.”

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Learn how to source multiple suppliers in just 48 hours with Applegate Marketplace’s new eProcurement system, Applegate PRO.

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