Applegate PRO FAQs

Below are a selection of questions in relation to Applegate PRO. Please click on your question to view the answer.

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What's the difference between 'Quick Quote' and 'Initiate an RFQ'? What's the procedure if I 'Allow Applegate to suggest' suppliers for my RFQ? How do 'Favourites' work? What is P2P procurement? How to find a supplier for my business? Who are the Applegate Sourcing Team? How to raise a Request for Quotation How to raise a Quick Quotation How to raise a Purchase Order. How can Applegate PRO help with product sourcing? What is an online buying tool? How do I find out what RFQs my company could receive from Applegate PRO? How to respond to a Request for Quotation email What is eProcurement? What is an RFQ? What is a Quick Quote? How do I source products, services and suppliers from a specific country? How can an eProcurement system help me to control my business’s spend? What is maverick spend? How can Applegate PRO help to prevent maverick spend? What qualifications do I need to use an eProcurement system? Do I need two separate accounts to use the Buyer and Supplier Tools?