How to create a purchase order using Applegate PRO.

The purchase order function becomes available once users have received a response to their Request for Quotation or Quick Quote. When a buyer sends an enquiry to a supplier, whether as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Quick Quote, shortly after the buyer will receive a reply from each of the companies they included.

Users will receive emails for each response provided to them. For each of these responses, users are able to review the quotation by clicking, “Take me to my response” (fig 1).

Users will then be navigated to a screen, where they will be faced with a further two options (fig 2).

Option one:

If the user is happy with the quotation provided, they can raise the purchase order by clicking the Raise Purchase Order tab on the right of the screen.

Applegate PRO users are then able to click the Raise Purchase order button
enlarge image

Option two:

Alternatively, if the user would like to review the quotations provided from alternate suppliers that they invited to quote in the enquiry, they can view these quotes at the bottom of the Response to RFQ page.

This tab can consist of up to ten suppliers, indicating whether they have responded to your request.

Applegate PRO can see at a glance which suppliers have given response
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Raising a purchase order

Once the user has clicked through to raise a purchase order, they will be directed to a screen to input their desired terms and conditions.

We recognise that some buyers may have an internal system to raise a purchase order, however, this resource is available to you if needed.

Step one:

Purchase order setup.
Here the user is required to input a reference number for the purchase order and the required payment terms.

Step two:

Input billing and delivery information:
Here the user is required to fill in the billing information and delivery address for the transaction.

Step three:

Review the information and delivery details:
In step three, users should carefully review all information is correct before sending the purchase order to the chosen supplier.

Step four:

When the user sends the purchase order, they will receive a short confirmation in addition to an email sent to their Applegate PRO inbox.