Applegate PRO makes subcontracting manufacturing processes simple

Applegate PRO makes subcontracting manufacturing processes simple

Manufacturing Services

A large part of manufacturing in the UK involves the outsourcing of certain processes to external companies in the UK and abroad.

Ensuring these suppliers have the correct credentials is a vital part of this process as the wrong decision can increase risk due to a lack of flexibility, responsiveness to capacity concerns and unexpected delays.

Whether it is a specific CNC machining process, finding companies that offer the correct machining to run a service or an assembly process. Submitting a request to Applegate PRO, detailing the specifications and requirements, deadlines, quantities and further details where relevant can provide an organisation with up to ten relevant suppliers in just 48 hours.

The office for National Statistics has cited productivity gains in the manufacturing industry, attributing them directly to an increase in outsourcing. Cost and time savings, utilising advanced skillsets and therefore obtaining high quality results are potential benefits.

The Applegate Sourcing Team are always on hand to assist users with enquires and will take a request and use the Applegate Supplier Network to find relevant potential partners to deal with users’ requests. The Applegate supplier network consists of thousands of quality engineers, manufacturers, designers, and suppliers from the UK and across Europe.

Finding relevant suppliers or partners is often a time-consuming task as each enquiry is different, requiring specific skill-sets, materials or machinery. For companies looking to outsource all or parts of a project, using an eProcurement tool to find suppliers is a quick and efficient solution.

Applegate PRO is a free-to-use service and does not hold users to an obligation to buy, registration takes just a few seconds.

Using Applegate PRO, users can receive quotes from active suppliers in minutes for the following items:

  • Engineering drawings for the cost of manufacture
  • Project work that need quoting
  • Specific item or component requirements

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