What is the relationship between Applegate PRO and Applegate Marketplace?

The eProcurement tool, Applegate PRO, was created as an extension of Applegate Marketplace in 2016 to allow buyers using the online marketplace to raise quotations and create purchase orders for products and services.

There are two types of users for the respective websites: buyers and suppliers.


Before the creation of PRO, buyers using Applegate Marketplace had to rely on searching the website manually – contacting suppliers individually. Now, buyers can use Applegate PRO to request up to ten suppliers for the products and services they require, minimising search time and cost.

Once the aforementioned request has been raised, suppliers will receive an email alert and must then respond to these quotations using the Supplier Tools function of Applegate PRO.

Buyers are then able to choose the quotation providing them with the best value from the quotations provided and, if they wish, raise a purchase order.


Applegate Marketplace is a business to business website used by suppliers of products and services to showcase their businesses.

Each supplier that is part of the Applegate Supplier Network on Applegate Marketplace, can be featured in quotation requests created by buyers using Applegate PRO.