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How can I access a live feed of quotation requests?

As an eProcurement system, Applegate PRO uses social media to showcase quotation requests from buyers to attract new suppliers to its supplier network. You can access a comprehensive list of RFQs on @ApplegateRFQ.

If you want more targeted information, on a month to month basis, Applegate also creates a departmentalised list of all RFQs raised in that time period. So, if you are a supplier – listed on Applegate, or not, you can see the types of enquiries coming through that you could receive.

Once suppliers have registered for Applegate PRO (there is a minimum spend to be considered for quotations) any enquiry that the Applegate Sourcing Team deems you relevant for, you will receive a direct email, asking you to provide a quotation.

Latest quote requests on Applegate PRO